Financial Details

All of SlideRoom's standard pricing is used, except for Custom members of Common App. Those schools receive a waiver of SlideRoom's yearly license fee for the Standard Plan.

All schools are responsible for SlideRoom's submission fee, which can be charged to applicants when they submit or charged to your school each quarter. The base price is $5 per completed submission.

All schools need to register for a SlideRoom account here. On that page, new members can choose the Standard (free) or Advanced Plan. If your school already has a SlideRoom account, you do not need to register. Over the Summer, Common App will update SlideRoom about which schools are Custom Members.

Submission Fees

SlideRoom charges a small fee for each completed submission. This is charged to the applicant in a standard setup, but your school may choose to cover that fee so applicants never see a payment screen. In this case, your school would be billed every three months based on the number of completed submissions.

The exact amount is based on your upload requirements. A completed submission consisting of 5 uploads or less = $5. A submission of 6-25 uploads = $10. Higher limits are available as well. Reference letters do not impact this count.

Fee Waivers

When the integration is turned on, fee waivers from Common App will also flow into your SlideRoom account. So, if there is a $5 submission fee within SlideRoom, that would be automatically waived for waiver recipients and later charged to your school. This automation saves you time from having to manually approve each request.

Apart from the integration, any administrator within your SlideRoom account may manually waive the fee for individual applicants. These would also be charged to your school every three months.

Importing Common App via SDS

SlideRoom can be used as an online viewer for all Common App materials (Application, Writing, References, Transcripts, Academic Evals). This must be turned on within the SDS control panel and credentials entered into the Integration settings of your school's SlideRoom account. When this is turned on, SlideRoom will charge $2 per imported application. This is separate from applicants who submit a portfolio directly in SlideRoom. An imported application includes all the CommonApp data and PDFs for each applicant. Subsequent materials (like references) are automatically merged. There are no other setup, integration, or data migration fees.