Reviewer Roles & Permissions

SlideRoom now has the ability to create different types of reviewer roles, each with their own permissions. This allows institutions to configure various kinds of access for different people. For instance, a school may want to enable different features for faculty and staff. The picture above shows the entire list of permission and how theyRead More

3D Models Within SlideRoom

Mithras slaying the bull by Matthew Brennan on Sketchfab 3D interactive content has been exploding with popularity, but the ability to share them online has been limited to simple screenshots or videos. We found those methods insufficient, so we went out searching for a solution. We found Sketchfab and are excited to partner with themRead More

Recommender Evaluation Forms

SlideRoom’s feature set for collecting letters of reference has just been expanded so a recommender can evaluate an applicant. In addition to plain text entry and PDF uploads, institutions may now design their own evaluation form and have those presented to recommenders. This will help assist in collecting more targeted information about applicants. The exampleRead More