Recommender Evaluation Forms

SlideRoom’s feature set for collecting letters of reference has just been expanded so a recommender can evaluate an applicant. In addition to plain text entry and PDF uploads, institutions may now design their own evaluation form and have those presented to recommenders. This will help assist in collecting more targeted information about applicants. The example above showcases how the “scale” question type could be used for quickly entering ratings.

This feature can be enabled by administrators while building out program settings. Then, the following process will occur:

  • SlideRoom’s application process allows applicants to request references from specific people.
  • Those people receive an email with a summary of who/what the request is for and are given a link to proceed.
  • Clicking the link brings them to a branded site for your organization where they can complete the letter of reference.
  • Recommenders do not need to create an account or remember a password to complete this process. The system is very easy for them to use. The only thing they need to do is answer the questions presented to them about the applicant.
  • Once complete, everyone receives confirmation emails.


SlideRoom is fully FERPA compliant for academic institutions. In regard to letters of reference, this means allowing the applicant to indicate whether they waive their right to view the letter (or not). This indication is presented to both the recommender and receiving institution. If an applicant does not waive their right, this does not expose the letter to the applicant. Rather, it gives the recommender the ability to decline, and if they proceed, displays to the school that the applicant has the right to view the letter upon request.

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