Four Reasons Why You Need SlideRoom

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Are you dreading another year of chasing down all the applications in your inbox?

For organizations that solicit and process applications, now is the perfect time to take stock of what’s working well and what could be improved.

Here are a few questions that may be worth asking your team as we all close out this calendar year:

  • Is using email for accepting applications the best way to represent our organization?
  • Is manually facilitating the admissions process taking up too much of your team’s time and preventing your organization from realizing its goals?
  • Does the online admission software provide the technical support and storage we need?
  • Do our applicants and reviewers have an easy time navigating our system?
  • If you’re ready to explore a better way to streamline your application process in the new year (with no IT team required), it’s worth investigating what some call the “industry standard”: SlideRoom.

    SlideRoom Alleviates Headaches for Applications and Applicants

    Here are four reasons why SlideRoom just might be the solution your department doesn’t yet know it needs:

    Reason #1: You get more for your online application software investment with SlideRoom.

    Once you’re ready to make the leap to an online application platform, what’s your criteria for choosing?

    When you consider that online application software is essentially a toolbox both for your applicants and for your reviewers, it makes sense to consider what tools you will get with the “box” you choose.

    A direct comparison of the available options makes it clear: SlideRoom’s sleek design provides more tools in an elegant and user-friendly format.

    In fact, only SlideRoom provides the following platform features:

    • Unlimited storage so no out of the blue upcharges for your organization
    • Unlimited users for as many administrators or reviewers as you need 
    • Unlimited forms so that your team can achieve its data-collection goals with ease
    • Unlimited programs so you can leverage the platform for every need at your organization
    • Automatic applicant reminders make the difference in converting more in-progress prospects to applicants
    • Unlimited support for both applicants and reviewers, a key aspect of the SlideRoom product offering

    The SlideRoom platform was designed to eliminate the typical application and review roadblocks to provide an experience on both the organization and candidate sides that is robust, easy and welcoming.

    Reason #2: SlideRoom helps your team reclaim their time

    When your department considers cost factors, it’s easy to get so caught up in the numbers that you forget something else you’re strapped for: time. We hear countless stories of departments whose staff spend considerable time manually facilitating the admission process simply because their system for accepting applicants is not intuitive or optimized. Beyond the less-than-desirable first impression that this creates for applicants, this takes staffers away from the jobs that they were hired to do.

    Does your department take a cost-driven approach to budgeting while forfeiting substantial manpower hours and productivity using an outdated admissions system that requires human interventions?

    While so many organizations are already having to do more with less, and especially during workforce shortages, avoiding these hidden budgetary pitfalls and committing to work smarter has never been more important.
    With SlideRoom, the admissions process suddenly flows seamlessly and departments can reclaim their staff hours toward the organization’s goals.

    Reason #3: SlideRoom subscriptions feature world-class support for both reviewers and applicants

    Application tools are only as powerful as the users that are learning how to use them. That’s why we at SlideRoom view the support aspect of our application tool as mission-critical, both for applicants and reviewers alike. With our unlimited support to all users as part of every subscription, we find that all stakeholders take fuller advantage of SlideRoom’s many tools and can achieve greater success.

    With no expensive IT support, implementation, or procurement required, the SlideRoom platform is well-known for its ease of use, which is often a deciding feature for many of our clients. That said, SlideRoom functionality is powerful! We know that software consumers appreciate a friendly helping hand when a question comes up regarding everything that SlideRoom has to offer.

    On the review side, SlideRoom is committed to partnering with each new organization every step of the way to set up accounts and projects in a flash—in as little as one day—and get every team quickly trained and confident.

    For applicants, the level of direct support that’s available carries a big impact. It can mean the difference between application completion or abandonment. Knowledgeable SlideRoom support staff unburden organizations with this responsibility and make themselves available to help applicants, especially during key application cycle times. This ensures that candidates have the best possible application experience during what can be a stressful process.

    Reason #4: Some of the world’s most renowned organizations trust SlideRoom

    For teams who are weighing their options for online admission software, it can be helpful (and wise) to consider those who have made this decision before you.

    Nowadays customer and user reviews are key criteria for purchasing decisions. Firsthand experiences matter, and reviews from respected community members carry additional weight.

    When you consider these types of endorsements, SlideRoom has them in spades.

    Common App has designated SlideRoom as their exclusive partner for the receipt and review of portfolios from applicants.

    Organizations that support and represent some of the smartest minds on the planet choose SlideRoom.

    The impressive SlideRoom client roster includes:

    1. All  Ivy League schools
    2. Top art schools
    3. Major scientific research facilities
    4. Other iconic institutions like NASA and the Lincoln Park Zoo

    “Trust one who has gone through it,” Virgil wrote many centuries ago in the Aeneid. In talking to many of our 800 clients who have relied upon SlideRoom to help them process over 3 million applications to date, we think there’s truth to this advice.

    Is SlideRoom the right choice for my team?

    We’re big believers in that unattributed quote, “Don’t take our word for it!” SlideRoom users have done their homework before making the leap, and we encourage you to do the same and ask questions.

    Here’s to a happy and highly successful 2022 for your hardworking team, your reviewers and your applicants.

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