SlideRoom saves the Gibbes Museum of Art 12 hours per application cycle!

Gibbes Museum exterior in rainbow lights

So many museums, zoos, and aquariums use SlideRoom and see significant improvements in their workflows, and application numbers. One such museum we recently spoke with, is the Gibbes Museum of Art in Charleston, South Carolina. 

With SlideRoom, the Gibbes Museum of Art found: 

  • A ubiquitous and professional platform that other museums, galleries, competitions, and nonprofits in the arts community all rely upon 
  • Substantial time savings in processing applications thanks to a robust and intuitive design and form customization options 
  • Powerful reach for geographically dispersed applicants and jurors with an “anytime, anywhere” online application, submission, and review process 
  • A streamlined and more universally accessible application for artist applicants that removes barriers to maximizing participation
  • Next-level ease of use for reviewers that eliminates the need for physical submissions

Click here to read the full case study, and see how SlideRoom could help your institution find more hours in the day.

Gibbes Visiting Artist Arianne King Comer, April 2021. Photo by MCG Photography

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