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SlideRoom is a complete solution to collect, evaluate, and store applications online. The system is perfect for admissions, hiring, auditions, grants, and more.

Take control of your application & review process.

Configure Your Site

Easily edit your branded site where applicants can view requirements and apply.

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Receive Applications

Applicants can submit all their application materials through your branded account.

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Evaluate Candidates

Reviewers can access all applications through a secure site for viewing & evaluation.

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See what they make.

Take a look at what your applicants actually make to assess merit in any field. A portfolio of work brings their abilities to life so much more effectively than a simple resumé. Learn more

Gain insight.

SlideRoom’s powerful evaluation tools work together so you can identify an applicant’s strongest qualities and see how they compare overall to other applicants. Evaluations from multiple reviewers can be combined in real time and visualized beautifully. Learn more

Make decisions.

Big data requires great tools. SlideRoom offers simple ways to organize large volumes of applicants, customize reviewer workflows, and actually enjoy the process of finding the best people. Learn more

Manage Data.

SlideRoom is a centralized solution for holding all your applicant and evaluation data in one place. You no longer need separate systems for forms, media, references, evaluations, and other important items. At the same time, your data is not held hostage. Exports can be easily defined and an API allows data to automatically connect with other systems. Learn more

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