St. Martin’s University’s admitted-to-enrolled student ratio climbs to 95%

SlideRoom streamlined St. Martin’s University’s admissions processes, giving admissions officers time to build stronger relationships with prospective students SlideRoom can increase the efficiency and efficacy of your admissions process. By using SlideRoom, St. Martin’s University has discovered how to find their best applicants with a tool that allows them to be authentic and effective. TheRead More

Help us Spread the Word!

Do all of your colleagues know about our portfolio review solution? If not, we have some great news! When you refer someone to SlideRoom, you will receive a $100 Amazon Gift Card. They will receive a 20% discount on the Annual License Fee for their first year. All they need to do is mention yourRead More

Move from DecisionDesk to SlideRoom

As the admissions leader for portfolio-based applications, SlideRoom recognizes that on-boarding new schools needs to be simple. And recently, we’ve received many inquires about specifically switching from Decision Desk to SlideRoom — that’s easy too. SlideRoom has dedicated account managers who will walk you through the migration, from understanding the features to integrating your varyingRead More

SlideRoom Joins Liaison

Leading admissions solution provider to integrate portfolio technology into its Centralized Application Services (CAS™) WATERTOWN, Mass. (September 12, 2017) – In a move that will expand the availability of tools that support strategic college admissions, Liaison International today announced it has acquired SlideRoom. The company is best known for its seamless integration of multimedia componentsRead More

A New Way into Business School

Most business schools have the enviable problem of having significantly more applicants than they can possibly admit. Historically, the solution to this has been separating the admissions decision to the university from the decision to admit into the business school one or two years later. But that presents its own problems. Top-quality students who aren’tRead More

Connect With SlideRoom at the 30th Annual NAGAP Conference

Join us at NAGAP’s 30th Annual Conference in Salt Lake City April 19-22. The conference will take place at the Grand America Hotel with exciting speeches and presentations from some of the top minds in graduate admissions. We’re excited to continue building on the experiences many of our clients have already had using SlideRoom toRead More

A Modular Approach to Admissions

When starting out to build a next-generation admissions system for higher education, we had to make a foundational philosophical decision. Should we attempt to create a monolithic system that contains all the feature families needed across recruitment, selection, and conversion? We decided not to pursue this goal. While Microsoft and large companies of the pastRead More

What Do the Best Art Schools Have in Common?

The U.S. News & World report just posted their list of top art schools, based on a peer-reviewed survey. While the value of ranking reports are questionable (different schools provide different kinds of value), we did notice a theme. What do you think Yale, RISD, the SAIC, Pratt, Parsons, Calarts, and Carnegie Mellon all haveRead More

Introducing SlideRoom Webinars

We often hear from our customers that they love our hands-on support. However, we know that sometimes you need to see to understand. To better assist you, we are pleased to announce our new weekly live webinars. Getting Started with SlideRoom for Administrators If your SlideRoom account looks like this, you may want a helpingRead More

Learn SlideRoom

Every week we teach live 30-minute online classes that you and your team can sign up for. It’s 100% free. Who are these classes intended for? Administrators with existing SlideRoom accounts Reviewers with existing SlideRoom accounts Potential customers interested in how SlideRoom might work for them Getting Started With SlideRoom We’ll teach you the basicsRead More