6 Ways for Your Admissions Office to Maintain Operational Continuity with SlideRoom™

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During these unprecedented times, maintaining operational continuity is one of the biggest challenges and top priorities for businesses and organizations of all types. For your higher education institution, that can mean anything from continuing to deliver quality instruction to maintaining your application review processes without having access to your physical admissions office.

Read on for tips that we’ve heard from admissions professionals who are relying on SlideRoom as they continue their work toward meeting their admissions goals even while sheltering in place.

  1. Extend the review process to a broader set of users working remotely.
    In most cases, accounts can have an unlimited number of users. That means everyone on your team, and on other teams at your institution, can now participate in the review process regardless of their location.
  2. Move planned offline activities to an online submission and review format.
    Move planned offline activities to an online submission and review format.
    Events such as portfolio review days and music auditions are often critical components of the application process. SlideRoom lets you assess them as if you and the other reviewers were in the same room as the applicants. Along the same lines, consider requesting applicants to submit video interviews or “personal statements” to replace or supplement live interviews
  3. Record live meetings with applicants via web conference and add as an attachment to the applicant record.
    With most people working at home and many simultaneously caring for family members these days, there’s no of guarantee of full attendance (or attention) during review meetings. This strategy, however, will keep everyone fully informed throughout the process.
  4. “Unlock” applications to allow resubmissions with new information.
    “Unsubmitting” an application reverts it back to the “In progress” status, allowing the applicant to make edits and then resubmit without additional cost. Also try extending deadlines or adding a grace period within the program settings.
  5. Add or change Application Status segments to create new categories in your remote review process.
    In SlideRoom, you can establish as many Statuses as you’d like to correspond with the different stages an applicant can be in, such as Under Review, Wait-listed, Accepted and Denied.
  6. Email applicants quickly to provide updates on application statutes and stay connected.
    Past studies have shown that applicants often choose to attend the first school that informs them they’ve been accepted. You can’t afford to miss that opportunity.

Interested in learning more about how SlideRoom can help you maintain the operational continuity of your virtual admissions office? Check out our two minute video.

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