St. Martin’s University’s admitted-to-enrolled student ratio climbs to 95%

SlideRoom streamlined St. Martin’s University’s admissions processes, giving admissions officers time to build stronger relationships with prospective students

SlideRoom can increase the efficiency and efficacy of your admissions process. By using SlideRoom, St. Martin’s University has discovered how to find their best applicants with a tool that allows them to be authentic and effective.

The Challenge

Within Casey Caronna’s first month as Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions at St. Martin’s University, he knew he wanted to move away from a paper-based admissions process. “Paper was inefficient, and it didn’t support the complex needs of the programs that our office serves,” he explained.

Each of the University’s programs had different admissions criteria, and many programs wanted to be able to evaluate applicants based on more in-depth criteria. The University implemented a customer relationship management (CRM) tool, but according to Caronna, “We had far too many verticals and we weren’t flat enough to make that successful — I spent a lot of time becoming an IT expert!”

The Solution

In SlideRoom, St. Martin’s was able to easily set up unique applications for each graduate program, capturing a variety of details about applicants. “The applicant gets to tell the full story of who they are, and on the other end, the reviewer, the processor, and the program manager all get to hear that story. That’s what I like about SlideRoom — It connects you to people, not just to numbers,” said Caronna.

He added: “It’s important to our admissions office that we offer prospective students a great application interface and, on the backend, that our staff has support from our technology partners,” Caronna said. “After all, we’re dealing with people who have busy lives and competing priorities, so we want to make it as seamless as possible to apply and to review applications! SlideRoom meets those needs for us.”

The University’s Outcome

The University was able to capture all the information necessary to streamline applications and document management for each of its programs. Caronna added that setting up applications is much easier now as well. “I had four new graduate programs approved in March, and I had to get those applications live right away. I was able to add them to SlideRoom within an hour since I built them out myself on the easy-to-use backend. That’s something that’s unheard of in the EdTech world!”

Not only were applications easy to launch with SlideRoom, but since implementation, our graduate school’s admitted- to-enrolled ratio has jumped from 80% to 95%. “Our application quality has increased,” Caronna said. “Since SlideRoom has streamlined our application and our review process, recruiters and program directors have more time to dedicate to recruiting. They can spend more time in advising sessions, showing students that St. Martin’s cares about their success. I anticipate our retention rate will skyrocket as well!”


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