Introducing SlideRoom Contacts

The features SlideRoom customers most frequently request have to do with managing their larger relationships with applicants during and after the application process. Ultimately, their desire is to see a unified contact record that displays activity from every touchpoint. This might include email campaigns, help desk communications, or simply recording ad hoc interactions. Further, customers don’t want to abandon the services they are already using; they simply want to bring that information together.

So, rather than trying to build a CRM that competes with a range of top communication services, we’ve built an integration platform that brings data together from across the web to update information and activity for each of your contacts in an ongoing manner. You can now watch your data come alive through automatic geomapping and charting tools that are simple to use. Even though this product is just getting started, we think you’ll enjoy it right away.

SlideRoom Contacts is a seamless integration with your SlideRoom ATS and is available for free to all SlideRoom customers. This integration depends on using SlideRoom’s scheduled exports, so that feature is now available with all plans. This is just the beginning, so we appreciate your feedback as this system continues to grow.

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