What Do the Best Art Schools Have in Common?

The U.S. News & World report just posted their list of top art schools, based on a peer-reviewed survey. While the value of ranking reports are questionable (different schools provide different kinds of value), we did notice a theme. What do you think Yale, RISD, the SAIC, Pratt, Parsons, Calarts, and Carnegie Mellon all have in common besides being listed as top schools?

That’s right, they all use SlideRoom to find their best applicants.

Another way of saying that is all of these schools care deeply care about what their applicant’s make. Rather than simply focusing on application forms, they are looking for unique dimensions of merit and aptitude. SlideRoom’s ability to display portfolios, paired with robust evaluation tools for team decision making, have made SlideRoom the tool of choice for creative programs around the world.

In fact, SlideRoom just won the EdTech Digest category, the “2017 Cool Tool Award.” 🎉

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