The Times They Are A-Changin’… Again

SlideRoom supports public art

SlideRoom users continue to inspire the world with meaningful uses of the platform during this time of global health challenges and social change. Examples include:

  1. The City of Palo Alto (CA) utilized SlideRoom to select 16 diverse artist teams to paint one letter each of a temporary “Black Lives Matter” mural at City Hall.
  2. High school juniors and seniors at Gotham Professional Arts Academy used our platform to photographically document their lives during COVID-19.
  3. Mexico City’s Patronato de Arte Contemporáneo leveraged SlideRoom to quickly repurpose arts grants that “contemplate socially committed practices” to a COVID-19 grant fund benefitting 50 recipients. 
  4. Upon unanimous City Council approval, the City of South San Francisco quickly launched within days an emergency aid program for local businesses enabling approximately 4,500 small businesses to apply for grants via SlideRoom.
  5. Nearly 400 applicants — most area college fine arts students losing the opportunity for senior exhibitions due to COVID-19 — responded to an open call for the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery’s Archive Machine project, reconceived as a response in both form and concept to the COVID-19 crisis and the uncanny experience of collective life on pause that shelter-in-place has initiated.  Winners will be highlighted over four releases though October 1.

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