The New SlideRoom is Here

The new SlideRoom interface for Reviewers and Administrators has launched! This streamlined interface is built to work well across devices (iPad) and contains a variety of other enhancements.

For existing clients, everything will work seamlessly with your current settings. There is no need to make changes unless you want to opt-in to some new things. Below is a list of new and optimized features within the system:


  • Permissions: Control which actions reviewers can access.
  • Branding control: Edit your own logo and colors.
  • Applicant status: Create color coded status indicators to use on applicants.
  • Program managers: They have become reviewers, who now have specific permissions.
  • Pricing: SlideRoom no longer charges for the number of administrators.


  • Overview page: Gives better summary of settings when editing a program. Adding tags and users can also be done from this page.
  • Program status: Helpful indicators show the condition of each program: scheduled, live, disabled, expired, warnings.
  • Format text: Add links, lists, bold, italics in your instructions to applicants. Helpful markdown guide included.


  • Upload requests: Can now be made within a form.
  • Archived forms: Hide forms that are no longer in use.
  • In-Use indicator: Quickly view which programs are using a form.
  • Simple Search: A keyword searchbox for quickly finding applicants or programs.
  • Quick Search: A dropdown showing saved searches and list of programs.
  • Advanced Search: Find applicants by other conditions and build multi-condition searches.


  • Status: Give applicants a color coded status to indicate your final decision.
  • Full-Screen: Viewing media now goes full screen automatically with new controls for navigating and evaluating applicants.


  • Evaluation Activity: New dashboard for monitoring reviewers.
  • Removed Dashboard for Reviewers: They enter straight into the “Applicants” section.

Coming Soon

This new system also lays the groundwork for more easily adding features going forward. Here are a few more just around the corner:

  • Customizable Applicant grid: Manage which columns are shown/hidden, including new choice for reviewers to see overall average ratings (in addition to their own average rating).
  • Search within Archived Programs: Find applicants easily even if they are in archived programs.
  • Preview Programs: See everything from applicants point of view without publicly launching a program.
  • Export Files: Increased limits for downloading all applicant files.

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