Administrator’s Guide to SlideRoom

SlideRoom’s design makes it easy to use, but new users may benefit from an overview that helps them get started. When a new customer signs up for a SlideRoom account, we want them to have a guide that they can refer back to when needed; a guide they can download, print out, and access anywhere.Read More

Applicant’s Guide to SlideRoom

Applying to college can be daunting, overwhelming, and frustrating. Colleges that use SlideRoom make the process easier and more streamlined, but you still need to know where to begin. With that in mind, we’ve created Tips for Getting Started as a New SlideRoom Applicant. Our new, easy-to-use guide will get you started by walking youRead More

High School Counselor’s Guide to SlideRoom

High School Counselors and Teachers often reach out to us with questions about how they can help students who will be using SlideRoom to apply to colleges and universities. Now, there’s an easy-to-use guide that any staff member can reference when guiding their students through the SlideRoom application process: The High School Counselor’s Guide toRead More

My Rating & Overall Rating

Applicants are often reviewed by several different people, and each reviewer may have different preferences. Some like to see their own average rating reflected back. Others want to see the overall average rating. And some people may want to see both average ratings. The customizable data grid now allows everyone to make this choice. InRead More

Customizable Datagrid

The grid showing search results can now be customized to add/remove columns. Click the icon in the top right corner to bring up a window for making selections. The system will remember your preferences even if you log in from different computers. SlideRoom has added a few new column options for the data grid asRead More