Move from DecisionDesk to SlideRoom

As the admissions leader for portfolio-based applications, SlideRoom recognizes that on-boarding new schools needs to be simple. And recently, we’ve received many inquires about specifically switching from Decision Desk to SlideRoom — that’s easy too.

SlideRoom has dedicated account managers who will walk you through the migration, from understanding the features to integrating your varying systems, we provide an end-to-end personal service. We have already helped other Decision Desk customers get up and running in a single day.

Below are just a few of the reasons SlideRoom already has over 750 institutions collecting and reviewing applications with SlideRoom.

Your custom admissions process is important, but it’s not always set in stone. We will help you get started, and we will make sure your admissions process is completely configured for your school’s unique admissions process. And if you want to make a change after the launch, that’s easy too. Have a new question you’d like to ask on your application? No problem! Go add it without worrying about the change breaking anything in your submission process. Decide you want to start collecting recommendation letters mid-cycle? Simple. Add that requirement and everyone from that point forward will be able to supply letters.

While systems like Decision Desk offer customization, the time for editing tends to end when your programs have launched. SlideRoom offers far more flexibility by allowing changes anytime.

Powerful Integrations
SlideRoom’s export engine allows your school to export data from SlideRoom into other campus systems (i.e. Peoplesoft). The template builder and export scheduler allow you to automate the delivery of any data collected within SlideRoom to just about any other service you want.

With your templates built, you can generate a spreadsheet on the fly, or you can set up automation and delivery rules to help round out your entire data management process.

Cost Efficient
Not only does SlideRoom introductory plans include more features than Decision Desk, the system also has more features to grow into as your admissions process evolves. As an example, compare SlideRoom’s introductory plan with Decision Desk’s.

Features Decision Desk SlideRoom
Users (Reviewers & Admins) 1 Unlimited
Implementation Time 30 days 1 day
Common App Connection None Included
Documents & Files Exports Single PDF Export Bulk PDF & Files
Scheduled Exports None Included
Integrations None Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, SFTP
Connect to Banner,
PeopleSoft, Salesforce, Gensybar, and more
Workflow Simple Direct Assignment Automated Assignment Logic, Program Assignment, Direct Assignment

With a variety of pricing tier and feature options, you’ll be able to find the plan that fits within your budget and meets your application needs.

Whether your a small institution or one of the largest in the world, SlideRoom can help. We’ve worked with institutions on both ends of the spectrum and everywhere in between.

Move Your Data from Decision Desk
Your prospect and applicant data can be moved from Decision Desk into our SlideRoom Contacts product. SlideRoom Contacts is a powerful reporting tool that makes pulling in data from multiple sources easy. One-click integrations, beautiful data visualizations, and automatically updated records are just a few of the benefits you will get in addition to everything outlines above.

When you’re interested in making the switch, we’d love to hear from you. Reach out to us here and let us know you are considering switching from Decision Desk.

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