Spotlight on Auditions

Performance arts have a long history of using live auditions to determine their best applicants. After all, these candidates are competing based on their ability to fill a room with their physical presence and skills. This in-person process has immense value, but the cost in time and travel may not be practical for large or early-stage applicant pools.

Increasingly, schools are using SlideRoom to screen applicants. Viewing a video of a performance online can quickly indicate whether a candidate is worthy of an in-person audition. SlideRoom makes online viewing and evaluation easy for faculty and staff who don’t have time to learn technical systems.

SlideRoom’s powerful features for personalized email also make it easy to followup and schedule in-person auditions. Schools can insert variables like Applicant Name, Program Name, and Status to quickly "mail merge" all important information.

Here are a few of the programs currently using SlideRoom for auditions:

  • Relativity School
  • BYU: Theater and Media Arts
  • San Francisco Ballet School
  • Texas State School of Music
  • Chapman University Theatre Department
  • The Ohio State University Department of Theatre
  • If your school is interested in learning more about how to use SlideRoom for auditions, contact us today. We would love to talk with you.

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