Preview the New SlideRoom

On September 1st, we’ll be releasing the new front-end interface for reviewers and administrators in SlideRoom. We’ve been working all year to incorporate feedback and make everything even easier to use. The wide variety in types of people who use SlideRoom posed a unique challenge because we have small programs that only use the most basic features as well as immense institutions with complex feature and data needs. The same system has to work well for both. So, we’ve been working hard to present everything in a simple format, exposing more information and more options only when needed.

A secondary driver of the redesign was driven by feedback for “less clicking” when evaluating submitted materials from thousands of applicants. The practical need to view & evaluate more efficiently is at the heart of the redesign. Below is a preview.

One Page Application

The new design will present all submitted materials (media, forms, references, attachments) on a single page. Clicking the tabs along the top will quickly scroll down to that section.

All of the same tools for highlighting, commenting, tagging, and rating are still present, but in a more task oriented layout. The right sidebar presents a summary of information related to an applicant and provides quick entry into viewing more evaluation details.

For instance, if you click on the “evaluations” link, it will open a drawer exposing more detail for each reviewer’s ratings and comments (below).

This new redesign will contain all the same features and page-flow as the previous version, so the transition should be smooth for your reviewers, without any need to change process or get re-oriented.

New features arriving later in the Fall will include:

  • Ability to view the content of in-progress applications.
  • New API for data-in, so information can be piped in and mapped onto the correct applicant.
  • Advanced analytics and integrations for Business Intelligence.
  • Ability to edit/annotate submitted applications.

The new interface has so many little gems that come as a pleasant surprise, we can’t wait to share it with you. Thanks again for providing us such helpful feedback!

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