SlideRoom is Getting a Makeover

We are launching a makeover of SlideRoom’s Review interface early this December! The new system does not require Flash and works well across web-enabled devices, including the iPad. We took this opportunity to simplify the design and add some useful new features.

Better Technology

We used our new technology platform to deliver a more responsive and flexible experience. By eliminating the need for Flash, we were able to address most of the feedback we received over the past year:

  • Optimized for iPad
  • Text enhanced for readability, resizability, and easier copy/paste
  • Faster load times and support for the back button

Simplified Interface

It is our continuing goal to make the system easy to use, with no training required. After years of helping clients with the old interface, we were keenly aware of areas that needed simplification. This coincided with making all features work well on the iPad. So, the new design is an evolution that will feel both familiar and more streamlined.

New Features

We are introducing several new features that address the growing desire to do more decision-making within SlideRoom:

  • Assign a color-coded status to applicants to represent a final decision, such as accepted, rejected, or waitlisted.
  • Monitor reviewer activity through a graphical dashboard that provides a global view of evaluations.
  • Navigate and evaluate applicants without leaving the full screen media view.

We’ve worked hard to make this the best version of SlideRoom yet, and we’re excited to share it with everyone.

UPDATE: SlideRoom is now live and we have many screencasts posted on our Vimeo channel.

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