Applicant Stories

We love hearing from applicants! Their enthusiasm for specific details makes us so happy and motivates us to keep getting better. Investing in a great user interface and continuous attention to detail makes a huge impact. While we get many emails from applicants complimenting the experience, these are just a few testimonies from this year’s admissions season.

Time Saver

"Hi, this was my first SlideRoom experience and it was excellent. I had set aside an additional FIVE HOURS before the deadline to allow for issues with video upload, payment and document formats. There were zero problems involving SlideRoom and I was able to use the five hours for other things!" -Tyler

Stress Free

"Just did an application and the form was intuitive (even for somebody who does not have a lot of experience), super easy to use, very easy to get back to, easy to see where I was and what I still had to do … This was high stakes enough so that having no ‘battle’ with the form made a difference." -Miriam

Never Lose a Thing

"SlideRoom auto-saves work, so I could come back as many times as needed before the deadline to complete everything. I had a great experience, I am usually working on a lot of things and always forget to press save. The autosaving literally saved my life." -Vivian

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