Simplified Search Interface

The new streamlined design for searching applications is live. There is now one simple search bar that performs all search functions.

We learned from feedback over the last 3 months that presenting various search options up front was creating confusion. Further, the need to potentially make four choices before executing a search was just too much: quick-list/search-bar, simple/advanced, pending/submitted, all/any.

Further, we had to make it easier to edit/delete “saved searches.”

So, we consolidated all functionality under one search bar. In order to accomplish this, several design improvements had to occur:

  • Quick-Search list beside the search bar removed.
  • Saved Searches now be presented clearly to reviewers on their new dashboard.
  • Multi-condition searches default to match “all” conditions (most common).
  • “Completed” and “In-Progress” Applications are listed for all search results.

Not only does this simplify building search conditions, it also makes finding a particular applicant much easier if you don’t know the state of their application.

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