Reviewer Roles & Permissions

SlideRoom now has the ability to create different types of reviewer roles, each with their own permissions. This allows institutions to configure various kinds of access for different people. For instance, a school may want to enable different features for faculty and staff. The picture above shows the entire list of permission and how they can easily be configured per role. The system allows for a total of 4 reviewer roles in addition to Adminstrators, who have access to everything in the system.

We have heard some requests for a "manager" role (someone above a Reviewer, but below an Admin, who can edit program settings within a limited scope). However, the system is designed so that various resources (like Forms) can be reused across programs, exports, searches, etc. This makes limited access to global resources difficult to offer. If your institution needs to segment control that clearly, we recommend creating separate institutional accounts. These separate accounts can be linked together for easy administrator access, but they operate as separate entities.

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