Your Most Requested “Feature”

At the end of every calendar year, we have traditionally listed a summary of the top feature requests we have heard for SlideRoom. These consensus features have operated as our marching orders to make SlideRoom better every year. And we certainly have a similar list this year capturing requests for more control over branding, payment processing, automated exporting and more … so those are on the way!

However, the top “feature” request for several years has consistently been for a more complete contact record that connect data from across all of their tools. The conversation typically goes something like this:

Customer: We not only want to send personalized emails, we want to capture the full communication history we’ve had with each applicant. And since we use other tools for email, marketing, and events, can we pipe in that information so we have a 360 degree view of all interactions with that person?

Us: Our SlideRoom product was designed to collect and review applications. What you’re describing sounds more like CRM. Don’t you already use SalesForce or some other industry specific tool?

Customer: Um, yeah, we have [CRM name], but we don’t really use it. It’s just too complicated and technical. It’s more like a database. Plus we can’t afford the professionals to properly run it.

This state of things points to real dissatisfaction across many industries and the solution requires more than a few features added to SlideRoom. Legacy products are too complex and often don’t take advantage of modern paradigms for design, collaboration, or easily sifting large data-sets for insight and analysis. Most importantly, they just aren’t intuitive to use.

In short, our customers have been asking us to help them turn off their old systems and create a revolution in enterprise software. We spent all of 2014 researching this problem and have a solution. Learn about it at

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