Reading The Common Application With SlideRoom


Many of our customers are Common Application Member Schools, and we have seen their wider IT challenges first hand. One primary challenge is finding the easiest way to read and evaluate the applications that come through the Common App. This is especially true for schools that use Common App exclusively as their application provider.

Fortunately, SlideRoom has built-in, out-of-the-box functionality to import the application, which includes all of the documents and the data behind these files. This happens without any strenuous IT implementation process. It is simply a matter of connecting SlideRoom to your Common App SFTP account and later to your Student Information System.

Importing From Common App

Once the Common App FTP credentials are entered, SlideRoom will automatically pull your Common App files when they are available. As files trickle in, they are automatically mapped onto the correct applicants to build a unified record.

Whatever your current workflow might be, SlideRoom can help you match it, improve it, and save you time. Applications can be assigned to certain readers based on customized conditions and removed from their docket once complete.

Reading Applications

While many schools use SlideRoom to collect portfolios, that is not required. For schools that simply need a solution for reading and rating admissions applications, we make it easy to pull in the Common App and start the reading process.

With SlideRoom’s intuitive interface, navigating through the application is as simple as scrolling through the documents or pulling up the dedicated attachment view to see each individual file in detail.

Customized scorecards can be used for evaluation, and status tags can be used to recommend decisions like admin, deny, and waitlist.

Connecting to Other Systems

The final hurdle for many schools (and their IT staff) is getting application and evaluation information interwoven and sent to their Student Information System. SlideRoom makes this easy.

All Common App data and evaluation data can be exported at whatever frequency you wish to any destination you choose. Want to send your data to PeopleSoft, Ellucian, or Slate? No problem. SlideRoom can automate the delivery of data to any destination.

If you are in need of a way to read Common App applications before the admissions data is delivered to your Student Information System, and if you’re not interested in a complication implementation process, we can help.

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