New UI for Applicants is Launching!

We are thrilled to announce that the new interface for Applicants is launching this weekend. You can watch our preview video here. After hearing feedback and answering help tickets for over a year, we had crystal clear vision on how the system needed to change. Rather than making little improvements here and there, this is an entirely new web-application built from the ground up. In addition to a more beautiful design, here are a few of those improvements:

Works great across a variety of devices.

The system is rebuilt with HTML/CSS/JS which helps allows it to work well across more devices, like iPads. We are also removing the requirement of Flash. While Flash is still useful for some functions like batch uploading, the system will not require it and gracefully fall back on other methods if needed.

Friendlier interface is more helpful to applicants.

The system has larger fonts, streamlined structure, and better feedback within the system to help applicants understand exactly where they are in the process and what needs to be completed. This includes so many things, you just have to see it!

Program requirements are displayed before starting.

Applicants can preview all your instructions, questions and settings before getting started. This will help applicants better prepare their content before beginning an application.

Forms are presented in a way that is less intimidating.

Rather than listing different forms as separate steps across the top (which causes horizontal scrolling) we are moving all forms into one step. This will make it much easier for applicants to navigate various parts of the process. Further, we are adding more helpful notices for when something is incomplete.

“Linking” allows applicants use media already online.

To accommodate applicants with much larger audio/video files, they can link to media that is already online. For instance, if they have an HD YouTube video, they can simply enter the URL and their video will play within SlideRoom. Supported sites currently include YouTube, Vimeo and SoundCloud.

Reference letters can be reused across programs to save time.

Applicants can reuse completed reference letters if they are applying to more than one program within an organization. Opting in to this feature can streamline the process for recommenders, applicants and reviewers.

If you are a prospective client looking for a demo, or an existing client with questions, contact us. For existing clients asking about anything they need to edit/change, the answer is nothing. All of your current settings will translate well.

We will be continuing to post in depth about new features within the system, so stay tuned!

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