Introducing Our New Standard Plan

SlideRoom’s new Standard pricing plan is a great fit for organizations who need more than a basic plan. The Standard plan offers unlimited programs, more powerful features, greater flexibility and better analytics. Here are a few highlights:

New SlideRoom Analytics

Seeing applicants with greater clarity at the aggregate level and program level will help you understand your various applicant pools. The image above shows a new program-level report with real-time data outlining top rated applicants in that program, evaluation breakdown, and a worldmap showing the location of applicants. The map is zoomable, so clicking on the US will show a distribution by state.

Track Your Referrals With Google Analytics

We understand that you work hard to promote your opportunities and want to track where your applicants are coming from. Now you can. By inserting your Google tracking ID in the integrations area of SlideRoom, you can begin to track referral sources to your applicant welcome page. This data will all display within your Google account.

All Core Features Included (Forms, Media, References)

We’ve observed that many of our customers find new uses for SlideRoom as they get more familiar with the platform. You no longer need to worry about choosing the exact right combination of features up front. To make these features easier to explore and utilize, we’ve decided to include them all, in even our most basic plans. If you only use SlideRoom for media submissions, you can now build forms as well. Perhaps you’ve never automated the colletion of references – now you can.

Unlimited Programs

Let’s face, it – it’s hard to know exactly how many programs your organization is going to need. So, we’re making program usage unlimited in our Standard plan. This plan allows you to have as many programs as you need posted at the same time, and throughout the year. This alone will create a major cost savings for many customers.

API for Data Export

While many vendors charge for API access, we are including it in this standard plan. This will allow you to export data throughout the day to keep SlideRoom in sync with your other systems. If you’d also like to export files through the API or bring data into SlideRoom from the API, then our Advanced Plan is right for you.

Upgrade for Even More

Organizations looking for more access to data and tighter integration with other systems should learn more about our Advanced Plan. It includes the ability to view the contents of applications that have yet to be submitted, as well as more options for exporting and importing data. Learn more about SlideRoom Advanced here.

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