New Accounting Interface

In our conversations with customers, many administrators have asked for instant access to financial information: how much money they have collected from applicants, a history of payments, and questions about variety of accounting needs. To meet this need, we have extended our accounting system by releasing a new interface for viewing historical ledgers, making payments, and approving remittances.

In the picture above, SlideRoom displays fees that were collected on behalf of an organization. As soon as the organization approves the amount, we can immediately remit the funds via check or wire transfer.

Here are a few other changes for your attention:

  1. Billing period: In order to standardize when accounts are settled, we have implemented a billing period for all accounts. A new statement is generated every three (3) months using the initial registration date as the point of origin. A sample billing period is shown above under the magnifying glass.
  2. Account Renewal: 30 days before your anniversary date, you will be notified with options to renew your account. During this 30 day time period, you can modify or discontinue your plan. Changes go into effect on your anniversary date. If no action is taken, your account will automatically renew with the same plan.
  3. Standardized Multi-Portal Discount: If your organization has multiple SlideRoom portals with the same billing contact, SlideRoom applies a 20% discount to the yearly registration fee across all of those portals. By replacing various formulas we have used in the past, our intent is to keep overall prices generally the same, while removing accounting complications.

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