More Export Choices

We understand that data portability between systems is a first-class issue. So, we have just released several major upgrades that include more cloud-based options for exporting as well as a new API that makes export automation even easier.

Let’s start with new integration options that include Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol). Rather than downloading exports to a personal computer, everything can be exported to a shared cloud service so that your entire team has easy access. These destinations can be added under Settings>Integrations.

While each of these cloud services work a little differently, we have created a unified way to choose the export destination path. In addition to the default path, administrators can choose custom paths/folders for different kinds of exports.

PDF Export

Another new feature included in this release is the ability to batch export PDFs through our updated API. These can be downloaded locally or exported to any of the cloud storage services. Below is an example screenshot of exported PDF documents displaying in Google Drive.

API Enhancements

The SlideRoom API ( has also received dramatic improvements, including the ability to export PDFs on a daily basis. The “since” field makes it easy to just export new data/documents based on time period. Further, the API is now OAuth based, so building up a request is much easier for your developers. This new API also lays the foundation for many more upgrades that are coming soon.

Coming Soon: Scheduling

We are currently working on the ability to schedule the delivery of exports. This is a great middle ground for organizations that don’t have the technical resources to work with an API, but want to export everything on a regular basis. Stay tuned!

To learn more details about configuring export integrations, visit the resource guide here.

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