More Question Types

SlideRoom’s form builder now offers more ways to collect information. Defining the type of question, and its related answer options, creates a more structured path for applicants, prevents typing errors, and normalizes data for export.

SlideRoom has recently added 7 new question types:

  • Date: enforces mm/dd/yyy format.
  • CEEB: helps applicants lookup their school code..
  • Email: validates a proper email address has been entered.
  • Phone Number: normalizes domestic/international phone numbers.
  • URL: checks for format and makes it a link.
  • Number: only accepts numerical entry.
  • Scale: horizontal range of radio buttons for applicants to rate.

All of these options can be exposed when clicking the “question type” drop-down. This is presented below the question itself so you can change your mind without having to redo the question. Each one exposes a custom layout for editing that set of answer options.

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