Managing Reviewer Access

Administrators now have more ways to control which applications are presented to reviewers. In addition to some enhancements around Program-level access and highlighting saved searches, we have introduced a new feature for handpicking which applications a reviewer can see.

SlideRoom offers 3 different ways for presenting applications to your reviewers:

  • Program: Reviewers can see all applications within a specific program.
  • Saved Search: Reviewers can see a dynamic list of applications meeting search criteria.
  • Individual Assignment: Reviewers can only see handpicked applications.

These are very different ways of revealing applications to your reviewers. We understand some institutions want to maintain tight control, while others have a less strict workflow and allow their reviewers to roam. Any of those situations can now be accommodated. We recommend using one of the strategies to provide simplicity for your reviewers, but they can be used in combination.

As a side note, the new "assignment" button is also displayed in the Programs tab, above your list of programs. This provides a fast way to give reviewers access to different programs without having to edit each one.

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