Important Lesson

Long suffering administrators have a tendency to post too many instructions when announcing the application process. This results from desperately trying to answer all possible questions ahead of time. However, this strategy of just posting tons of information backfires. It results in confusion and applicants not reading any of the information. So what’s the solution?

We believe relevant instructions need be delivered at the pertinent moment, rather than all at once. SlideRoom was designed around this philosophy. While a brief overview of requirements is good to list on your main website announcing the process, you can leave the details for later. Here are some of the stages we have designed for:

  • Welcome Page: Announce what your institution stands for and general instructions. Video Tutorial is also included.
  • Program Choices: Announces program titles, deadlines and requirements. 2-3 sentence descriptions help applicants choose the correct program.
  • Application Forms: Instructions for completing supplementary materials are displayed on that step (not before). This may include an application form, resume, etc.
  • Add Media: Portfolio requirements are displayed when the applicant is actually choosing work to upload.
  • Confirmation: Additional instructions can be displayed at the end of the process.

By timing the display of instructions for the appropiate moment, the need to display everything all at once has been replaced. This will make the whole process seem simpler to applicants and increase their likely hood of beginning the process. And having a beautifully designed structure will also be helpful in helping them complete the process without problems.

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