Google Analytics Integration

Adding SlideRoom to your Google Analytics account is a recent feature that launched with SlideRoom’s Standard Plan last year. It allows you to see how applicants are finding your application portal and when they are visiting most often. Do they arrive from your email campaigns, tweets, facebook posts, ads, or somewhere else? Tracking referral sources is the best way to discover which of your promotional initiatives are paying off. Since your organization probably already has a Google Analytics account, adding SlideRoom to that account is easy. To get started, sign into Google Analytics and click on the Admin Tab. Under the Property section, click Tracking Info then Tracking Code. You will see the page below. Copy that Tracking ID.

Then, go into your SlideRoom account under Settings and then Integrations and click on the Google Analytics integration. That will open up a window where you can paste your tracking code. That’s it! You will now start seeing referral traffic data in your Google Analytics account.

You can learn more about SlideRoom’s Standard Plan or simply upgrade by logging into your account.

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