Feedback from 2011

We are fortunate to have received such clear feedback from our clients and their applicants over the last year. When we hear consensus from multiple independent sources, we take action. Below are a few of those broadly requested items we heard throughout the year:

  • Provide access to SlideRoom via mobile devices (mostly iPad) for both applicants and reviewers.
  • Allow links to media already online, and have that media play within SlideRoom.
  • Update various design elements: longer program descriptions, more clearly displayed instructions, consolidation of application forms, etc.
  • Engineer the system to be ADA compliant for disabled users who rely on assistive technologies like screen-readers.
  • and more …

In order to meet all these requests, it became clear that it would be best to completely rebuild the front-end interface for both applicants and reviewers. We began this rebuilding process several months ago and will be following up with some exciting announcements next month.

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