Export Scheduler

SlideRoom has just launched the new Export Scheduler feature. Up until now, organizations had to manually download this information whenever they wanted it, or they had to use our API. While the API is a great solution for organizations that have technical help, we understand it may not be a perfect solution for everyone. With that in mind, we have made it easy to schedule chosen data and documents to be exported to an individual computer, a cloud storage service, or via SFTP (secure file transfer protocol) without the need of a developer.

Organizations can decide what information to export (PDFs, Spreadsheets, or Files), the applicant pool from which to export this information, when the export will run, and where the the information will be sent. If a cloud service provider or SFTP is selected, the information will automatically be delivered to your desired service and within any sub-folder you create.

To set up a scheduled export, go to Settings>Export Scheduler. Some of the options include how often the export will run (Daily, Weekly, Monthly), and the location to which the export will be delivered (Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, SFTP). Once this is set, organizations will be able to collect their information without having to worry about manually exporting it every time.

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