Evaluation Rounds

SlideRoom has just released new tools for judging applicants by progressive rounds of review. This means that ratings and comments from Round One will not affect ratings and comments from Round Two. So, jurors from later rounds can act independently. The visibility of evaluations between jurors and between rounds can be controlled with the privacy settings in each round. Of course, Administrators always have access to the entire history. Each round can be descriptively named (to help stay organized) and also use it’s own evaluation settings. In other words, each round can have their own set of criteria and privacy settings. This can all be edited within the Programs tab, on a specific program’s overview page.

Here are a few guidelines important to understanding this new feature:


Only reviewers with access during the "active" round will be able to see and evaluate applicants. So, if you need a separate jury for each round, those people need to be manually edited at the same time you change the active round. All user preferences and privacy will continue to be enforced while using rounds.


The program operates as a whole and can only have one active round at a time. While applicants can be advanced to the next round together or individually, reviews for that next round cannot begin until the entire program changes to make that the "active" round. This feature won’t work for moving applicants through different stages of evaluation asynchronously.

If you have more than one program using round-based evaluation and they employ the same rounds, you can execute searches across programs if you give the rounds the exact same name. This will make it easier to search, select, and advance applicants in groups.

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