Dropbox Integration for Applicants

SlideRoom now allows applicants to upload files directly from their Dropbox account. Several motivations are behind this feature integration:

  • Storage: We have noticed a general trend of people saving their media on the web instead of their local computer. Adding Drobpox to our list of other integrations (YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud) is part of our larger effort to help applicants pull in their media items from around the web when building their portfolio.
  • Mobility: Directly related to storage trends, applicants are often applying on the go, even from their tablet or smartphone. So, we wanted to make sure they have easy access to all their media wherever they may be.
  • Security: Many school computer labs have disabled the ability for students to upload directly from the school’s computer. Allowing them to upload from their Dropbox account allows school security to stay intact while also allowing the applicant to complete all their tasks.

As an administrator building a program, no special action is needed. This feature will automatically be available for all your applicants and obey your media settings. For instance, if you don’t allow PDF, then applicants will not be able to upload a PDF from their Dropbox account.

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