Customized Rating Scales

SlideRoom now supports creating different sets of rating scales and tabulation methods to be used within different programs. The sets are first created in the global settings and then pulled into specific programs as needed. While we always encourage administrators to standardize data input as much as possible to streamline subsequent tasks (searching, sorting, and exporting), the real world doesn’t always allow for that consistency. So, this expansion is being offered in a way that helps to manage possible diversity.

Let’s walk through the process of creating a new set, adding it to a program, and then using it to review applicants.

Creating a New Set

These sets are created under Settings>Evaluation Settings. When creating a set of rating scales (criteria), you will be asked how you want the scores tabulated. You have three options for how the combined rating is tabulated:

  • Simple Average finds the overall average from ratings.
  • Weighted Average combines each rating by relative weight.
  • Cumulative addition of points from each scale.

In the example below, the “Cumulative” method is used and each scale has a different maximum rating because those areas may be more important. This is just another way to weight criteria.

You can create as many different sets as needed and later choose which ones are used within each program’s settings.

Program Settings

Configuring a Program’s settings includes choosing a rating set. This can be edited from each program’s overview page (see below).

Reviewing Applicants

Each applicant has a “Reviews” page which aggregates evaluations from all your reviewers. Each reviewer’s ratings are summarized and then totaled into an “Overall Rating,” which is always an average of their various totals.

Clicking on each reviewer’s name will bring up a detailed summary of their scores. In this case, they have used five different criteria whose totals have been added up to a cumulative rating of 90. This panel may also include a note explaining the ratings (not pictured above).


In addition to showing the applicant’s Overall Rating, we thought it would be helpful to illustrate how the applicant ranks compared to other applicants in the same program. The blue chart illustrates how all the other applicants in the program have been rated and pinpoints where this particular falls on that curve.

The text below the chart further details how the overall rating translates into a particular ranking among other applicants and updates as ratings are being entered. We believe visualizing information can be extremely helpful for understanding these complex relationships at a glance. Of course, if you don’t want reviewer’s to see the evaluations of others, this aggregate information is elegantly hidden.

If you have questions about how to fully take advantage of these new features, please contact us. We would love to hear about your unique needs and help translate them into your SlideRoom account.

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