Curated Portfolios from Across the Web

Increasingly individuals are storing their creative work online, not on their personal computers. Sites like GitHub, YouTube, Medium, SketchFab, Etsy, and LinkedIn all operate as repositories for creative content. Today, SlideRoom will allow applicants to embed their creative content from almost anywhere across the Web into their SlideRoom application. They simply need to paste a link as a response to an application question or as part of their portfolio collection. When the media is available for display, like a video or a tweet, that item will fully display within the page. In cases like articles and blog posts, a rich preview will display and link directly to that content online. Here’s an example of pasting a link to a video on Vimeo:

Not only does this enliven the reading experience for reviewers, it provides the most convenient way for applicants to present themselves to your institution. So much work is created and presented online that asking for an "upload" can be inconvenient. Take the case of software projects, where sourcecode and information about the project is usually stored on GitHub. Now, you can simply ask for a YouTube video of the software running and Gist code sample, and they will be presented next to each other without ever having to leave your institution’s SlideRoom account.

Further, pasting links is the easiest way for applicants to show you their projects. Immediately seeing rich previews helps to create applicant confidence that the right materials are being presented and they visually transform the application into something that uniquely reflects their work.

This initiative is part of our larger effort to celebrate compencies in every field, particularly within the higher education admissions process. SlideRoom is the official partner of the Common Application for schools to receive portfolios from applicants across every academic discipline.

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