CommonApp and SlideRoom

This Summer 2013, CommonApp is launching the 4th version of their system which will be completely web-based and offer a variety of new enhancements. We are pleased to announce that CommonApp has chosen SlideRoom as their exclusive partner to handle arts supplements. This means schools hosting an undergraduate admissions process which require a creative portfolio can use SlideRoom and CommonApp together.

This works perfectly for schools of music, art, architecture, theater, film, and even non-arts schools. Media is a great way for applicants to demonstrate skill in all fields.

While many schools have used CommonApp and SlideRoom in parallel for many years, this new partnership will allow Exclusive II members of CommonApp a few benefits:

Special Pricing

Schools pay nothing for the yearly registration fee regardless of features chosen. Usage fees per submission will still be in effect.

Data Integration

While the two systems remain separate, both applicants and reviewers will benefit from data integration. Applicants will have each school’s SlideRoom URL conveniently within CommonApp for easy access. And when they click that link, they can easily begin the SlideRoom portion of their application. CommonApp will populate SlideRoom with their basic information to save them time and ensure data integrity. Finally, SlideRoom will ensure that their CommonApp is complete before they are allowed to send their portfolio.

On the Reviewer side, each applicant’s portfolio will be accompanied by their CommonApp ID and other information to help match records later. Because this data is coming directly from CommonApp, good data quality is ensured. The picture below illustrates how data columns populated by CommonApp may appear in SlideRoom.

When CommonApp member schools export their forms from CommonApp, each applicant will have a link that goes directly to their portfolio in SlideRoom. This should create a convenient experience for both Administrators and Reviewers.

Note: For schools that are not Exclusive II members of CommonApp, the two systems will still work great together. However, these schools do not receive the pricing discount or data integration.

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