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Common Systems vs Custom Systems

Posted on Saturday, September 5 2009

The field of applicant tracking systems has a wide array of online options. I would like to define the spectrum of options to better illustrate where SlideRoom fits. The primary difference among these options is whether they are a common system or custom system.

There are many common systems, like “CAFE” for public art or “Krop” for hiring graphic designers. These are application systems where applicants can post their portfolio and other text info (like a resume) to a common area to be reused over and over. This can be very efficient for the applicant apply for many events and helps the institutions advertise their opportunities.

On the other hand, you have custom systems, where institutions get their own private system. These are fully customized with the institution’s branding and unique submission requirements (which may be highly customized). Typically, applicants go through this process once, and everything is discreet for that particular opportunity.

SlideRoom was born as custom system, but has elements of a common system. Primarily, we provide institutions with their own branded account which can be fully customized with unique requirements (application forms, media, supplementary items). However, any applicant that has gone through SlideRoom in the past, can use their same account for other institutions using a SlideRoom system. The system remembers the personal account information and portfolio. They can even build a new portfolio based on a library of their previous uploads to the unique requirements of each opportunity. This saves them time from uploading and labeling their portfolio again and again.

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