Total Enrollment Solution Helps Colleges Support Students’ Success from Application to Graduation and Beyond

Liaison International’s Total Enrollment integrates historically disparate solutions to create a unified student engagement process for enrollment management and student success leaders   WATERTOWN, MA. (SEPTEMBER 23, 2021) — Liaison International, developer of the technology that has helped millions of students apply to academic programs at more than 1,000 colleges and universities over the lastRead More

New Survey of College Faculty and Staff Finds Divide Around Campus Reopening, Masking and Vaccine Mandates

Liaison International’s survey of faculty and frontline staff finds that 65% of colleges are returning to a full campus reopening; less than half require vaccines, but two-thirds have mask mandates WATERTOWN, MA. (SEPTEMBER 14, 2021) — Nearly two-thirds of college campuses are on track for a full reopening this fall, but less than half requireRead More

Simplify your application process with SlideRoom

When your institution needs to hire a new cohort of interns, what happens? You draft emails, publish the listings, and then wait.  Soon, your inbox is flooded with issues, questions, complaints, meeting requests, and stakeholders feeling frustrated. Weeks or months go by and finally, you hire a few interns. Sound familiar?  Wouldn’t it be wonderfulRead More

Celebrating 15 Years of SlideRoom with Founder Chris Jagers

As SlideRoom celebrates its fifteenth anniversary, we caught up with its founder, Christopher Jagers, to get his reflections on SlideRoom’s prescient beginnings and its intriguing evolution.   Successful products are borne of true need plus the ability to fully recognize that need. When Chris Jagers first conceived of SlideRoom, he was driven by an uber-keen understandingRead More

Growing the SlideRoom Community

Please help us welcome a diverse mix of new partners to the SlideRoom roster this quarter. Geographically, we have ten different states represented, with two from California and Alaska also in the mix. Internationally, our newcomers hail from Israel, Portugal and Spain — plus two from Ireland. Our newest partners’ uses for SlideRoom are also very diverse, and include design competitions, PhD program applications, creative writing applications, fellowships,Read More

Who’s New on the SlideRoom Roster?

Please join us in welcoming our newest SlideRoom partners! This quarter we’ve got nine states plus Canada and South Korea representing. Our newest members’ uses for SlideRoom are quite diverse. Artist-in-residence programs, music and fashion school admissions, light design, film festivals, grants, employment and leadership programs are all present.  The roster follows, and we encourage you to explore their websites and SlideRoom portals.  Ancestral Medicine (WA) Read More

What’s New in the SlideRoom™ Community

A warm welcome to our newest (and always diverse) SlideRoom partners: 651 Arts Central Atlanta Progress/ Atlanta Downtown Improvement District City of South San Francisco College of the Arts – University of Louisiana at Lafayette Columbus State University Department of Art Downtown Brooklyn Partnership Green-Wood Cemetery Hamiltonian Artists Idaho Women’s Charitable Foundation Lalita MIT PortugalRead More

Evolving Portfolios for Holistic Admissions

The Learning Policy Institute’s “Reimagining College Access” initiative recently hosted a webinar featuring two SlideRoom users from New England colleges. Stu Schmill, Dean of Admissions and Student Financial Services at MIT and Judy Purdy, Director of Admission at Wheaton College, discussed the use of performance assessment for equitable admissions and graduate school success. They alsoRead More