3D Models Within SlideRoom

3D interactive content has been exploding with popularity, but the ability to share them online has been limited to simple screenshots or videos. We found those methods insufficient, so we went out searching for a solution. We found Sketchfab and are excited to partner with them because this service enables applicants to easily embed their interactive 3D content as portfolio items within SlideRoom. Most major platforms used to create 3D content can easily be exported to Sketchfab. Here is a beautiful example of a model exported from Minecraft. The whole experience is beautiful and convenient. Likewise, reviewers can rotate, zoom, and inspect the geometry of each model/environment to gain deeper understanding and evaluate skill.

The Applicant Experience

3D Models in SlideRoom from SlideRoom on Vimeo.

Applicants can simply paste their Sketchfab link into SlideRoom to embed their model. This works just like embedding a video from YouTube. A preview of the model is immediately displayed, and then they can proceed to labeling the model with further information. If applicants don’t already have a SketchFab account, they can easily create a free one and upload their model. SlideRoom links directly to SketchFab for their convenience.

The Reviewer Experience

Reviewers will see models displayed in-line with all other media types. In addition to the normal thumbnail previews, they can lauch models full screen and interact with them, including mobile and tablets. The picture above is demonstrating how the geometry can be turned on so the wireframe is exposed illuminating how the model was constructed.

More About Sketchfab

Sketchfab has become the leading platform to share and embed 3D content, just like YouTube did for video makers and SoundCloud did for musicians. They have made it easy for people to upload almost any 3D format. We’re excited to have found such a wonderful partner for facilitating this growing movement.

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