CommonApp and SlideRoom

This Summer 2013, CommonApp is launching the 4th version of their system which will be completely web-based and offer a variety of new enhancements. We are pleased to announce that CommonApp has chosen SlideRoom as their exclusive partner to handle arts supplements. This means schools hosting an undergraduate admissions process which require a creative portfolioRead More

Assessing Skill in All Fields

Rather than just relying on test scores and essays, more fields should ask applicants to demonstrate their skill. Not only would this help differentiate between ‘qualified’ applicants, it can provide a better measure of what an applicant can actually do. Performance standards (not content standards) are becoming increasingly more important. We often hear that someRead More

My Rating & Overall Rating

Applicants are often reviewed by several different people, and each reviewer may have different preferences. Some like to see their own average rating reflected back. Others want to see the overall average rating. And some people may want to see both average ratings. The customizable data grid now allows everyone to make this choice. InRead More

Customizable Datagrid

The grid showing search results can now be customized to add/remove columns. Click the icon in the top right corner to bring up a window for making selections. The system will remember your preferences even if you log in from different computers. SlideRoom has added a few new column options for the data grid asRead More