Why was I charged?

A charge from SlideRoom means you or someone related used our online system while applying to an organization (like a college).

What is SlideRoom?

We provide an online system to art schools and other organizations to receive and review applications internationally. Applicants can upload their portfolio, complete application forms and submit these materials to the organization entirely online. The organization can then review all submissions within a convenient online setting. We are a software company based in Dallas, TX. We've been around since 2006

Why are we charging you?

A charge only occurs if you submit an application through our online system. This was the organization's application fee. This is not a recurring fee.

Who signed up for this?

If you are not sure who signed up for a SlideRoom account, please ask your family members. Perhaps a child or relative used your credit/debit card to pay online. Typically, a SlideRoom account is created by someone applying to an art school, residency, foundation or other organization that requires a portfolio for entrance.

Can I get a receipt for this charge?

Every time a submission is completed, we send a confirmation email to the applicant which lists the charge. They can also log into their account and see a list of completed submissions which will outline all fees paid.

Can I cancel my account?

The system needs your information so the organization can see who you are. Deleting you from the system would cancel your application. You will never be charged again unless you choose to send another portfolio. Your account is totally private, so no one can see your account without your personal email & password.

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